Cece DuPraz


$ 68

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Bring theĀ positive energyĀ and the crafting from the Loft homeĀ for any celebration. Ā 

Our party-in-a-boxĀ teachesĀ the art of hand embroidery. Ā When we are creative, our brains release dopamine, and studies have shown that repetitive activities like hand embroidery have the same affects on the body as meditation. Ā Give your guests all that they need to make your celebration a fun and memorable one!


  • Zipper pouch with embroidery ā€œcreate magicā€ on the front
  • Embroidery scissorsĀ 
  • Canvas with 6ā€ wooden hoop and custom sampler drawn to get started
  • 6 skeins of embroidery thread
  • Stainless steel needle case with 10 needles
  • Instructions for back stitch, satin stitch and woven wheel

When purchasing more than 4 of our Celebrations To Go, our CUSTOMĀ embroidered garlandĀ is included. Ā Price refunded after purchase.