Cece DuPraz

Cece DuPraz Bespoke Wedding Crest Gift Kit, Wedding white

$ 550
Luxury gifting made simple.

Choose from our gift kits available in navy, cerulean blue or wedding white to set the newlyweds off on the right foot.

When you gift a kit, the recipients will receive our Bespoke Wedding gift box containing a one-time $550 voucher for a made-to-order bespoke gift set of the newlyweds choice. Includes an illustrated card with ordering instructions, our signature Cece DuPraz white tea and fig candle, and our signature candle matches. Comes with a personal gift message from the sender.

We've made it simple for the happy couple to upload their bespoke wedding crest. Their gift also includes a copy of their digital embroidery file which we can save for the couple so they can complete their collection of embroidered wares at their convenience.

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