Cece DuPraz

Draw Your Own Patch Set (3)

$ 36

Make all your personalization dreams come true with our NEW iron-on Draw Your Own patches!  Upload any and all drawings, and color your world with love.

Out with plastic stickers, and in with sustainable personalized patches -- of your drawings.  

Perfect on backpacks, lunch boxes, clothing, coats, and anything needing a refresh (including holes needing a patch)!

Finished patches will measure about 3” x 3” 

NOTE: Only one image can be uploaded, so please have your three drawings together on one image.

*Do not machine wash 

 *By uploading your drawing, you agree that it is your original work, not owned by a third party, and allow our team to use the image in our creative for general marketing usages for Cece DuPraz.  See our terms of service for more information.

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