Cece DuPraz

Hand Embroidery Gift Set

$ 68

Get ready for some instant calm and immediate happiness as you give the gift of learning the art of hand embroidery.  When we are creative, our brains release dopamine, and recent studies have shown that repetitive activities like hand embroidery have the same affects on the body as meditation.  Complete with all of the materials needed to get started, this set arrives ready-to-gift in our signature gift box.  The box includes instructions on the 3 basic stitches needed to finish our custom sampler: back stitch, satin stitch and woven wheel.  


  • Zipper pouch with embroidery “create magic” on the front
  • Embroidery scissors 
  • Canvas with 6” wooden hoop and custom sampler drawn to get started
  • 6 skeins of embroidery thread
  • Stainless steel needle case with 10 needles
  • Instructions for back stitch, satin stitch and woven wheel