Cece DuPraz

Face Cloth Smoking Lips

$ 42

**This is NOT a replacement for an N95, surgical or procedural mask.  Can be used with a HEPA filter.  Dispose of filter after each use.  Wash mask after each use.  Made without metal nose piece as it makes mask more durable + washable. **

More playful, than protective reusable + washable mask.  Neon shoelaces at top and bottom, make it adjustable, and doubles as an additional fun accessory.  Muslin pocket on back side, in case you would like to add a filter.

  • measures 10" wide, 4 1/2" high from top of nose to base of chin, 2" at the ear
  • shoe laces are 45" long
  • made from 100% 18 oz cotton canvas, from my factory in my living room (where there are definitely child labor laws being broken!) 
  • backed with a 100% cotton muslin pocket for a filter

***Also, we do not endorse smoking of any kind, trying to add humor and smiles in the horrific situation we find ourselves in currently.

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