Introducing “In The Loop”

Here at Cece DuPraz “In The Loop '' is a space created to bring women together in order to spread creativity, eradicate competitiveness, and honestly inspire others to see not only our strength but our vulnerability; because in those times of honesty, we really learn to empathize, connect and understand each other.  We are “pro-women women'' who want to make the world a better place by inspiring others to get creative, be original and embrace one another.  

“I am grateful to be a woman.  I must have done something great in another life.” - Maya Angelou

Women today are often seen as polarizing entities who are combative, competitive and catty; and as a result this generalization becomes our scarlet letter.  “In The Loop” is a space to dispel such notions and show the world that instead of competing, we really want to come together and support one another, because when we do, we thrive.  What inspires us is hearing from other women - their stories, their struggles, their successes - all in the name of collaboration, to empathize with our achievements as well as our flaws. 

My name is Elizabeth Coppola, but everyone knows me as “Bit”.  I’m a mother of 3 young children and in my past life, a private health food chef.  As much as I love my role as a full-time mom (and thankful that I have the ability to be one),  I was craving something more and began to feel a void in my already too-full day-to-day. But how could I possibly fit something more between multiple school pick-ups and drop-offs, playdates, extracurriculars, keeping the house in a somewhat presentable shape, (the list is really endless). And yet, I did; I needed something more, something for me, and it didn’t matter how full my brain was, I was determined to make the space for something new.  It just so happened to be Super Bowl Sunday and my husband was over at a friend's house to watch the game. The kids were in bed and I had some precious moments alone, and what do I choose to do with my time?  Scroll on Instragram of course. I came upon my friends’ story over at Cece DuPraz which showed a product that was a collaboration between 3 different women and the caption said:

Creativity is contagious - pass it on - we strive to make the world a better place by inspiring others to get creative and be original.

A literal lightning bolt surged through me to the point where I actually sat up on the couch.  I was so inspired by this post and knew that this sentiment deserved it’s own space in the universe.  In a moment of clarity I decided to carpe diem and reach out to my friends, Kate and Marion, to see if this is something they wanted to expand on.  We sat down and with all the creative juices flowing, we created “In The Loop”: a space for all women to be celebrated and boasted in a way that promotes creativity, collaboration and inspiration for us all to do and be our best.  In this space, you will find articles, think pieces and interviews all from women in business to help support one another and learn from our successes and tribulations, because if we don’t stand together, we stand alone. Stay tuned, the best is yet to come.