“One of life’s pleasures is choosing a gift for those we care about and watching it be enthusiastically received.” - Emily Post's Etiquette

The perfect gift is all about perfecting the details, and at Cece Dupraz we’re dedicated to getting all the small things just right--so that your gift-giving experience is ‘enthusiastically received’ every time. It’s in the spirit of Emily Post’s words above that Cece DuPraz has evolved.

Cece DuPraz is born from Marion Greely's eclectic experiences, unbridled creative spirit, and unparalleled commitment to customer service. Early in her career, Marion spent time working within textile legacy Brunschwig & Fils, an experience that instilled a life-long appreciation for beauty, quality, design and exceptional customer service, and created the artistic framework for Cece DuPraz. Later reinventing herself in the retail world as a co-owner and operator of a luxury shoe store, Marion gained invaluable business experience that fueled her entrepreneurial spirit and now guides her new venture in Cece DuPraz. Lastly, her core values of family and service to others have informed the business principles and namesake of Cece DuPraz.

Personalization and monogramming are our personal forte--so of course we know the importance of a name! With this in mind, the name ‘Cece DuPraz’ was carefully selected by Marion to represent the most important aspect of her life--her family. ‘Cece DuPraz’ is a combination of her daughters’ names--Catherine Crimmins (affectionately known as Cece) and Elisabeth DuPraz, and is a tribute to her mother, Nancy Crimmins Warner and late mother-in-law Claudia DuPraz Greely. These beautiful ladies, along with her loving husband and irreplaceable friends and family are the joys of Marion’s world and form the backbone (and namesake) of Cece DuPraz.

Our greatest ambition at Cece DuPraz is to allow others to consistently receive that “enthusiastic response” when giving a gift. It’s a feeling that everyone craves, and a feeling that inspires more giving in the world. With that in mind, each of our products is carefully chosen to be kissed with a Cece DuPraz monogram, tied with a bow, and shipped out with love for your special recipient. We truly hope that you are as excited to give the gift of Cece DuPraz as we are to create it. And always remember--Life is a party, Monogram everything.


Marion Greely, founder