It's a Masionette World and We're Living In It

Back-to-school can be bittersweet, leaving behind the summer days and heading back to the classroom to learn and grow.

Luckily, our children's Seersucker Backpacks make it a little bit easier to hang up your Weekender Tote and get the little ones into school mode.

We are so excited and inspired to be collaborating with Maisonette, one of our favorite companies! You can find our backpacks on their website to be customized and embroidered by us.

Maisonette's CEO, Sylvana War Durrett, is loving these backpacks as much as we are! She shared this photo of her daughter in our apple red seersucker backpack heading off to school.

Photo credit, @sylvanitas on Instagram

We love to inspire others to express their creativity and find their inner artist, in and out of the classroom!

Cece Dupraz