#MarchMeetTheMaker" - Part 1

Part 1:

March has officially been dubbed “March Meet The Maker Month” by Joanne Hawker - Joanne created this movement on Instagram dedicated to celebrating the movers and shakers, the creators and the innovators, the women in our communities who are putting themselves out there - in order to create momentum and congratulate each other, to build each other up and support one another.  To start our celebration of #MarchMeetTheMaker we need to introduce you to something new.

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” - Plato

Some of you may have noticed a change in the air; not just the fumbling temperatures but perhaps a redesign of a familiar face.  If you have followed the clues you might have seen moving boxes, nostalgic posts, and scenes of a half-put together large and beautifully bright room. It is because we are THRILLED to announce the opening of the LOFT at CECE DuPRAZ: a place to CREATE, CONNECT + COLLABORATE.  This new open loft space is meant to help us evolve into an environment where we all can connect with one another on so many different levels. After our success hosting a series of workshops with a local pal, we realized the need for a larger space; one part meant to house all of our in-house production, fulfillment, and storage for CECE DuPRAZ; and one part, a space to create and collaborate with the large number of innovative women in our community.  Collectively, we have noticed this paradigm shift in the way we women live our lives and present ourselves to the world, and we want to continue to fuel this desire to support our passions and engage with each other outside of the traditions that have been done before.  

With the necessity to grow internally, CECE DuPRAZ has thus had to grow physically; and as the world works in mysterious ways, this beautiful loft space in The Marblehead Boatyard, a mere 2 floors above us, was available.  And as cosmically as it would be, this long and narrow 49’ x 17’ room was once the space where sailmakers sat at their sewing machines, making sails; very fitting that years later we will continue this tradition in a newer, more modern medium.  To honor #MarchMeetTheMaker we want to welcome you all to engage with some of our inspirational makers. To help us celebrate The LOFT at CECE DuPRAZ we will be hosting three workshops with just a few of the many makers in this area:

**Please note: due to the uncertain nature of our current situation, as of now workshops could be subject to change...**

7 PM - March 18th, 2020 - Beading with Beth Whitten of Dope JuJu

My life before starting Dope JuJu looked a lot different than it does now.  I was an ER nurse, working long 12 hour shifts consuming my days, nights and weekends, often missing precious time with my husband and two boys.  But I loved being a nurse because I was helping people. Until one day I injured my thumb and wrist so badly that I was unable to work. I was stuck at home, in pain, frustrated and bored, trying to do anything that would help my wrist get back to working order.  I am an athlete and I believe that “if you don’t move it, you lose it”, so remaining stagnant was incredibly difficult for me. I did research on some at home Physical Therapy and found that beading was a great way to work out those ligaments and tendons that were damaged.  To perk myself up, I made a “mantra” bracelet with brightly colored beads that read “Dang it!” which I proudly wore. To continue this exercise at home and to brighten someone’s day, I made two more bracelets for my friends, Kate and Marion, (you may recognize them). Kate's read “Hair Goals” and Marion’s, “Color Your World” (if you know either of them, this is very apropos). At school pick up one day, I gave them their new bracelets which they then posted to their Instagram.  I was flooded with more women in the community wanting bracelets and wanting to support me. I realized that as much as I loved being a nurse, I also loved making jewelry for people because I was happy while doing it; I was sparking joy in people which in turn sparked joy in me. This outlet also allowed me the freedom to feel like a mom again. I was able to be there for school pick up and drop off, flag football games, weekend activities etc… My loving and supportive husband inspired me to take the leap and together we created my website and Dope JuJu was born - a boho chic line of jewelry with a touch of badassery. 




For our workshop we will practice self care through “play” by making “mantra” bracelets.  This is an opportunity to be creative, collaborate with those around you, use your voice and get the daily dose of inspiration we all need.  

** The cost to attend this workshop is $60 per person.  To sign up CLICK HERE **

7 PM - TBD - Needlepoint with Jess Hyde 

For me, needlepoint has always been about people- the people who taught me, the people with whom I stitch and the people for whom I am stitching.  I learned to needlepoint from my grandmother but learned to love the needlepoint community through an amazing group I stitched with in Boston after college. For five years, I had weekly needlepointing classes with an amazingly strong group of mothers, business executives, teachers and doctors, who became my mentors and friends. It was there that I learned not only innovative ways to make canvas come to life, but the importance of sharing a passion and creativity with like-minded people and how powerful that connection can become.

Now, I stitch with my mom when she is in Marblehead.  We carve out a few hours a week to be alone just the two of us, and work on a project we started together; it's the best time of my week. My mom has made all my childrens’ Christmas stockings, just as my grandmother made mine, and gives every person in my family a needlepoint ornament each year, they are our most prized possessions.




For this workshop I picked a self-finishing luggage tag.  We will learn the basics of needlepoint - continental stitch and basket weave, how to start and end new rows, and change colors with basic knowledge to start more projects and be inspired to connect with others who want to create, connect and collaborate.

** The cost for this workshop is $60 per person. To sign up CLICK HERE **

7 PM - TBD - A Night with Page Minshall of Seaweed Studio Prints

I grew up here in Marblehead and although I spent some time away, I always knew I would return to my roots in this seaside town. I was a studio art minor at UVM and have found myself frequently drawing and coloring with my three boys, mostly things they love: fish, trucks, animals and The Marblehead Lighthouse.  As a fun project we put these images on t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts, using block printing. Having a screen printing background, I started using this process instead and noticed that my kids loved seeing these images come to life and would wear them proudly.  My prints are inspired by what interests my boys, as well as the things that surround us, the ocean, the beach and everything in between. With a very supportive husband who built my first workbench, we set up shop in a space in our home.  Not only was I able to work in my home and be with my family, I was also able to have those few moments of creativity, that outlet to help balance the chaos of homelife in the solitude of my craft. I decided to name my space Seaweed Studio because we had heard that our house had some fun history to it: The 70’s rock band named Seatrain, with famed Beatles producer Sir George Martin, used to rent our home in the summer and dubbed it Seaweed Studios.  They even recorded part of their album where Seaweed Studio is now housed. It seemed only appropriate to pay homage to not only my hometown, but those that came before me.




For the workshop, we will have an exclusive Seaweed Studio Print x CECE DuPRAZ sweatshirt with custom embroidery, and casual conversation about my creative and technical process, as well as from the women behind CECE DuPRAZ.

** The cost to attend this workshop is $70 per person.  To sign up CLICK HERE **