Cece DuPraz gets a shout out on Tory Daily

Ever since the Reva flat debut years and years ago, Marion + Kate were inspired by everything Tory Burch touched + created.  Fast forward to being budding entrepreneurs themselves, and the launch of the Tory Burch Foundation, they continue to draw inspiration from the organization that she has created to empower women + to embrace ambition.  

So we wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that we were over the moon when we heard that Tory Daily was going to feature us in a blog post.  As I reread this to myself, I realize how minor this sounds, but for two ambitious women with young children, building a company literally from the basement of one of our homes, we were and are completely inspired + proud of what we have achieved.  

And could not be more excited for what’s to come from all of our hustling!