At Cece DuPraz, we could never resist putting our own spin on things to make them unique and are thrilled to be able to offer our customers the ability to do the same!

From linens to party dresses to jon jons and more, this is your chance to take your ordinary items, kiss them with a monogram, and turn them into showstoppers. And many materials are compatible*, so let your imagination run a little wild!

As we say around here, life is a party, monogram everything.

We can’t wait to see the ideas you have in mind--don’t forget we’re always here to help the creative process along! Contact us for design assistance, color advice or even to create a bespoke monogram, made especially for you.

*Many materials are monogram compatible, if you have a question or concern regarding your specific item, feel free to email us at marion@cecedupraz.com prior to placing your order.

  • Step 1:


    Start here to decide which monogram you would like to see your item kissed with. This will be a permanent addition, so take your time. When you’re happy with that, take a peek at our thread colors as we have a beautiful assortment to choose from!

  • Step 2:


    Measure approximately how large you would like your monogram to be (you can refer to our PRICING CHART to view available sizes). When you decide on the size, place a Post-It note on your item exactly where the monogram should go. DETAILED COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO MAKING YOUR VISION A REALITY , so please, be as precise as possible during this step.

  • Step 3:


    Using what you have compiled above, click on the appropriate style of embroidery you would like (please see MONOGRAM OPTIONS to determine appropriate category) and place your order! Tell us what you are sending and fill out any details for requested placement or other details– for example– 'please monogram the cuff' or 'please monogram diagonal corner'.

  • Step 4:

    Send us your item

    After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation email which will have our shipping address to mail your items. Please print your confirmation email and pack in the box with your item! Lost your email? Not to worry! Click here and log-in to view your order history and print your order confirmation there. Be sure to remember to mark your item desired placement with a post it note before shipping to us. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

  • Step 5:


    A package will ship in approximately 3 weeks* containing your lovely item(s) custom kissed with a Cece DuPraz monogram you are sure to covet!

    *Good things come to those who wait… Cece DuPraz bespoke monogramming works diligently to turn things around as quickly as possible, and as perfectly as possible, so that you treasure your items forever! Please allow 3 weeks from receipt of your item for us to complete and ship