Cece DuPraz

Draw Your Own Zipper Pouch Gift Box

$ 78

"Sure, you could keep sticking your little one's doodles on the fridge--or her moving masterpieces could be embroidered onto a canvas carryall you can hold dear everywhere you go." --Oprah

Our Design Your Own Zipper Pouch gift set contains all the components the recipient will need to create a doodle masterpiece which we will turn in to the embroidery for their zipper pouch. 

Price includes gift wrap.


- Colored pencil & paper

- An illustrated card with ordering instructions

Pouch Details: 

- 7” H x 11" W x 3" D

- 100% cotton duck canvas


Ready to ship!


Have your artwork already and want to skip the gift set? Upload artwork for zipper pouch here.