Meditation for Non-Meditators

A pandemic silver lining for us has been we've become teachers. Not in the traditional sense, but when last summer in 2020, we saw our own kids craving connection and interaction with other kids, we were motivated to host a (small, socially distanced) camp teaching about Black leaders, giving back to a local soup kitchen, and -- teaching how to hand embroider.

Come fall last year, we began hosting weekly classes for kids entering grades K-8. At any given month since September, we've hosted 1 to 3 classes a week teaching kids (mostly) ages 6-12, how to stitch by hand against a provided drawing, and also with their own hand-drawn pattern. 

We've had about 70 kids come through our small Loft space in downtown Marblehead, MA, where we instruct different stitches, facilitate conversations, and mostly allow space - literally and figuratively - for the kids to create, connect and collaborate. With a safe environment, creating while listening to music and being with other kids, 10/10 times each child is walking out of there feeling "happy," "calm," "all the feelings" (and these are literal quotes because we ask!).  And if you follow us on Instagram, you get the play by play with an "Afternoon at the Loft" story when we have them.

Last week,  when adults began reaching out for classes and workshops, we realized -- of course, adults need this just as much as the kids. The answer with us, as an e-commerce retail company (owned by a woman and run by a 4 person all women team), is mostly always a YES.

The truth is, hand embroidery, due to its creative and repetitive nature, mimics meditation for the brain and the body. Yes it's one of the oldest art forms in human history, but it's also EASY,  SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE.

We know anxiety levels are at an all time high (we get it) -- and also know that anxiety is real, it can be debilitating, it can make you feel like something is wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with you -- and this is a life trick we personally recommend because we've each lived it and it has - and continues - to help us. ⠀

No matter where you are, you can take home this meditation for non-meditators with the gift of instant calm: Hand Embroidery Gift Set.  

We wrote our own instructions for some simple stitching styles, and give you all you need to get started and keep organized with this potentially new skill (pouch included, naturally!), including a hand drawn scene for you to stitch along. 

There's no prior skill required and no age min/max either --  trust us. We've now taught age 5 to 70 over the past 5 months (and boys and girls enjoy it equally - just ask our collective kids.)⠀

Get instant calm and get stitching.  


With love and meditation from non-meditators,

The team at Cece (doo-pray)

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