We're in GOOP (again)!

Yes, you read that right. We're so proud to be included for a second time in the one and only GOOP,  this time featuring our Little Leaders Gift Set, hand selected to be included Goop's Holiday Gift Guide for Kids in 2020.

We made this gift set with lots of love and care to make our world a better place, one inspired little leader at a time.

We recognize that we are doing more to educate at home, and we all can use a little help. We made the original content in this set with an effort to plant the smallest seeds in young minds to foster leadership, entrepreneurship, and equality.

“This box is packed with four days worth of activities ranging from drawing to letter-writing to bracelet-making (plus stickers and an aluminum water bottle). But these are no ordinary crafts; they’re more like mini lessons in Black history, accompanied by daily quote cards, bios, and coloring pages featuring famous Black figures such as John Lewis, Ruby Bridges, and Maya Angelou."

💙 Spread inspiration and love this holiday season. If there's ever a year to do it, it's this one.

Our Little Leaders Gift Set, including all original content put together with love for all the little leaders out there.

Goop, a lifestyle brand curated by Gwyneth Paltrow, provides a gift guide each holiday season of the best and trendiest presents for everyone from the littles to the old souls.

Life is a party. Show up in Style.

(and by style we mean with education to all our little leaders)

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