Cece DuPraz

Draw Your Own Adult Apron Gift Box

$ 78

"Sure, you could keep sticking your little one's doodles on the fridge--or her moving masterpieces could be embroidered onto [something] you can hold dear everywhere they go." -Oprah

Now one of your favorite gifts can be customized with your drawing! A practical gift for the cook or crafter, our made in the USA sustainably sourced canvas apron is the perfect gift for any occasion and something they surely won't already have!  Gift set available in both kid and adult sizes.

Price includes gift wrap!


  • Colored pencils & paper
  • An illustrated card with ordering instructions

Apron Details: 

  • 100% cotton 10 oz canvas
  • 36" long, 11 1/2" wide at neck, 27 1/2" wide at waist
  • Adjustable D-ring closure on neck strap
  • Ties at the waist
  • 2 pockets

Ready to ship! 

Have your artwork already and want to skip the gift set? Upload artwork for your adult sized apron here!